Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cold, birthday, and roast

I'm getting sick. I hardly ever, ever get sick so when I do I'm a big baby about it. This morning I woke up with a sore throat and my nose is all stuffy and runny. My boss said I could have off if I felt like I needed it but I'm not at that point yet. I hope to get some Zicam during lunch and kill this little bug before it gets worse!

Tomorrow's my birthday, yay me!! I love birthdays (ok, really just the getting gifts part...cake and icecream is good too). I'm not very happy about this age thing though. Up until this point, getting older was a good thing. I always had a higher age to look forward to. After 21, there's just not a "special" age to count down to. It's all downhill from here. So I have decided I am going to soak up as much 21ness as I can today. I don't know how you can soak up 21ness while sitting at an office but I will think of a way! Boo 22.....Oh well, it's my birthday, I'm getting presents :)

This morning I got up and prepared a roast with onions and potatoes and put it in the oven. It takes 10 hours to cook. It looked so good going in! I can't wait to eat it tonight!

Monday, May 18, 2009


Note to all who are about to get married or hope to be married in the future: Make sure you mail off all the necessary paper work as soon as you get back from the honeymoon. You may find after ten months of wedded bliss that you are indeed not "legally" married.

Story: When Chad and I got the marriage license before we were married, we were told after the ceremony and the pastor signs it (which is another story all together), we need to mail back part of the license to the circuit clerk's office. Well...when we got back from the honeymoon, we weren't exactly sure what we did with the license. Once we found it however, I kept forgetting to mail it off. Then, so much time went by that I forgot what parts I was suppose to mail back and I was afraid that I would mail the wrong thing in and too embarrassed to call the circuit clerk and ask. Thus the ten months went by.

Over the past couple of weeks, I've been seriously thinking about finishing up my degree so I realized I need to take care of this matter and get my name changed so we could apply for grants. So I lowered my pride and called Adam's County Circuit Clerk and found out that until they receive the documents, we were not legally married.

Great tidings of great joy: Friday I received my new Social Security card with the name "Tiffany Brooke Jones" written upon it!! Yay, I'm married and share his last name :)

My goals for the first year of marriage:
-Be married - check!
-Change my name - check!
-Get health insurance - in progress
-Not be pregnant - two more months to make it!