Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Very much overdue

We went to St. Louis this past week. Chad was on Spring Break both at RTS and Hinds (where he works) and my boss was traveling for the week so he let me have time off. Oh, it was so much fun!! St. Louis is such a neat place with so much history. I'd much rather just post pictures instead of talk about it but I'm waiting on Chad to upload them to facebook first. He was upset that I posted our honeymoon pictures first so he said he gets these pictures.

So, in other news, I bought my first pregnancy test this past week as well. It was nothing like I imagined. Before that moment, I had lofty dreams of me rushing to the drug store, beaming as I handed my first pregnancy test to the cashier and purchased it. Then I would hurry home, but not quite fast enough, and see the most wonderful sight - two lines! I would then bake Chad an enormous meal, the most delicious one he's even eaten, and tell him the news over dinner. Then he would pick me up and twirl me about and we'd be oh so happy! (Yeah right, we'll probably both have the look of terror on our faces - "us, parents?!")

Instead this experience was nothing but humiliating and horrific. So story begins, I was late. I've been late once before, but this time I was really scared because I had been really nausiated one day that week. We arrive at Chad's parents Wednesday night and of course Chad has to bust out with the news that we're kind of scared I might be pregnant so the whole night Ms. Karen is wanting to take me to Walgreens to buy a test. I didn't want to know, I'd rather continue on in blissful ignorance. But the next morning, when I still hadn't started, I decided it was time. On our way out of town, we stopped at Kroger and bought the dreaded item. I didn't want to take it then. I cried. I did NOT want to find out that there was life inside of me at a Kroger bathroom or even worse a gas station bathroom on the road. I would wait till we got to the hotel.

Somewhere along the Missouri border, I believe it was, Chad woke me up at a rest stop and said he was going to the bathroom. I couldn't wait any longer. I knew we wouldn't be at the hotel till late that night and the whole day I'd be worried sick that I might somehow hurt the baby and not be able to have any fun that afternoon in St. Louis. So, I walked the longest walk of my life - from the car to the reststop. Of course the bathroom had to be full. There was a caravan of elderly ladies, one would go to the bathroom and her friend would wait outside to zip up her pants. Then there was the cleaning lady with her spray bottle waiting for each person to come out then she would clean the toilet. Then there was me with my stick...in a rest stop...only Ecuador's bathroom's compare. I knew I was married and there was certainly nothing wrong me being pregnant, but gah, I felt so cheap! I cried again. Anyway, the story's drug on long enough, I'm not pregnant. Mother nature had come to call so thus my first pregnancy test rests in my purse, in the wrapper, and unused! I told Chad I think we just need to go ahead and have a baby. I can't take five years of this! That's 60 months!

I know, this was probably not the most tasteful thing to write about and I doubt anyone cares, other then the could have been grandparents but this is a huge life moment for me! I bought my first pregnancy test - that's BIG! I feel like I should mark it down on the calender - March 19, 2009. Wow, that's exactly eight months from the day we were married.

So my lunch break is over now. I will try to update more often from now on.

Oh, I forgot! There is exciting news! We landed on a name we both like! Up until the reststop experience, Chad and I were kind of playfully throwing out baby names we liked - well mainly Chad. After a series of absolutely ridiculous names (he's really stuck on "Obi Won", from Star Wars), he out of the blue said that he likes the name "Ethan", which was really exciting because the day before I was at my grandparents eating supper and my grandfather said that his dad's name was Ethan and I was thinking to myself how much I liked that name. So, it's not in stone by any means but it was super exciting that we actually agreed on a name. It took a lot of stress off. Since back in our dating days I've been all stressed out that I'll get pregnant and nine months later when the baby arrives, we still won't have a name! Chad said if I had found out that I was pregnant at the rest stop, if it was a boy we would have named him "Noah" because the name means "at rest" :)


4 J's said...

You are too funny! I remember all too well that very thing happening to me and Joey in our first year. Minus the rest stop...but I do remember that fear! You are going to be a great mother one day...I still say wait the 5 years. And Noah, well that is just hysterical!

Jolyne said...

Well my goodness. All this happeneed and I didn't even know about it!!! The mother is always the last to know!!! Even the mother-in-law knew this before I did. Dahling, do not let this happen again!! Seriously, your story was quite cute. I like the name Ethan. I've had many similar experiences with "the stick" you know. Going to Wal-mart and sneaking around to the aisle where they are hoping no one sees me and says, "She's pregnant AGAIN?"

brookejones said...

don't worry, we are still waiting the five years! this was definitely a scare.
and mom, there was nothing to tell other than i thought that i was pregnant, which ended up i wasn't. ms. karen wouldn't have known except that chad can't keep his mouth shut. i was first too scared that i didn't want to tell anyone, then too relieved that i didn't want to think about anymore and just have fun in st. louis. i promise if it makes you feel better, i'll tell you first the next time i almost take a pregnancy test!

amber said...

I hate to tell you Brooke,but we have had THREE scares like this and one ~ we got Jackson! :) We waited 4 1/2 years, but if I had to do it over again, I don't know if I would wait that long. I would probably do 2 years! Thanks for the cute story!!!

Brian said...

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